If you need to replace your roof, we’ve got you covered, literally.

Signs That Your Roof May Need To Be Replaced


1. Buckling/Rotted Shingles

2. Interior Ceiling Spots

3. Damaged or Missing Chimney Flashing

4. Moss/Algae Growth

5. Blistered Shingles

6. Smooth Shingles without Granules

7. Curled/Cupped Shingles

Top 7 Benefits of a New Roof 

1 – New Roof Warranty

2 – Enhanced Curb Appeal

3 – Increased Property Value

4 – High Return on Investment

5 – Greater Home Energy Efficiency

6 – Ensures Structural Integrity and Safety

7 – Helps to Maintain a Healthy Home for your Family


Why You Should Get Your New Roof Through Us



  • Detailed, Fast and Accurate Quote From EagleView


  • High Quality IKO Roofing Products


  • 15 Year Platinum Service Warranty 


  • Full IKO Premium Package  


  • Superior Customer Care

What’s Your Type?

Asphalt Shingles


Lasts about 20 years

Common NW aesthetic 

Budget friendly material

Customization is flexible with a variety of shapes and colors

Slate Shingles


Lasts about 30 years

Unique aesthetic 

Organic and Eco friendly

More efficient than cheaper shingles

Wood and Shake


Lasts about 80 years

Natural aesthetic 

Made of renewable material

Incredibly durable and resistant to storms and water



Lasts about 30 years

Reliable durability

Class A fire resistance rating 

Mineral mixture gives shingle a mat waterproof finish



Lasts about 30 years

Fire Resistant

Reflects radiant heat from sun to an extent

Slick property allows for easy snow and rain shedding



Lasts about 15 years

Futuristic Aesthetic  

Produces energy from a renewable source

Works with existing roofing to provide an extra layer of protection

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