If you need to replace your roof, we’ve got you covered, literally.

Signs That Your Roof May Need To Be Replaced


1. Buckling/Rotted Shingles

2. Interior Ceiling Spots

3. Damaged or Missing Chimney Flashing

4. Moss/Algae Growth

5. Blistered Shingles

6. Smooth Shingles without Granules

7. Curled/Cupped Shingles

Top 7 Benefits of a New Roof 

1 – New Roof Warranty

2 – Enhanced Curb Appeal

3 – Increased Property Value

4 – High Return on Investment

5 – Greater Home Energy Efficiency

6 – Ensures Structural Integrity and Safety

7 – Helps to Maintain a Healthy Home for your Family


Why You Should Get Your New Roof Through Us


  • Detailed, Fast and Accurate Quote From EagleView


  • High Quality IKO Roofing Products



  • Full IKO Premium Package


  • Superior Customer Care


We’re A Certified Master Elite Dealer For All GAF Roofing Products!

  • Less than 2% of roofing contractors have qualified as Master Elite Contractors!


  • This provides assurance that you’ll be dealing with a quality, reputable and dependable professional contractor – not some “fly-by-nighter.”


  • We are properly licensed, insured and trained to install GAF products.


What’s Your Type?

Asphalt Shingles


Lasts about 20 years

Common NW aesthetic 

Budget friendly material

Customization is flexible with a variety of shapes and colors

Slate Shingles


Lasts about 30 years

Unique aesthetic 

Organic and Eco friendly

More efficient than cheaper shingles

Wood and Shake


Lasts about 30-40 years

Natural aesthetic 

Made of renewable material

Incredibly durable and resistant to storms and water



Lasts about 30 years

Reliable durability

Class A fire resistance rating 

Mineral mixture gives shingle a mat waterproof finish



Lasts about 40-50 years

Fire Resistant

Reflects radiant heat from sun to an extent

Slick property allows for easy snow and rain shedding



Lasts about 15 years

Futuristic Aesthetic  

Produces energy from a renewable source

Works with existing roofing to provide an extra layer of protection

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