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Customer Testimonials

During early November 2012, New Energy Solutions NW (DBA of Smart Energy Today) installed Sol-Blanket insulation under my floor in the crawl space area under my home. The work was completed on the day immediately following the contract agreement by two outstanding , licensed professionals. It was so nice to have that project completed so quickly before the onset of a cold, wet northwest weather. The appearance of the crawl space instantly improved as the nasty, droopy 30 year old insulation disappeared above the new Sol-Blanket. Our floor surfaces inside the home seem a bit warmer than last year as the temperatures drop outside. I can hardly wait to compare this new years energy bills with those of previous years to see the cost savings. I am certain that the Sol-Blanket will pay for itself before too-long. I am delighted that New Energy Solutions NW (DBA of Smart Energy Today) provided this service at just the right time!

Nancy B. - Bellingham, WA

Nancy B. - Bellingham, WA+

Nancy B. - Bellingham, WA

Thanks to our new Sol-Blanket the temperature is consistent through out our home! It only took a few days to feel the difference of the regulated degrees. We've seen a decrease of around 10% even through the holiday season. The heat and air conditioner don't run nearly as often as before. My wife and I are very happy with our investment and it's even a break on our taxes! Great people and company to work with.

Guy B. - Pasco, WA

Guy B - Pasco, WA+

Guy B - Pasco, WA

The presentation, service and installation were excellent. We are pleased with the products.

Allan J. - Portland, OR

Allan J. - Portland, OR+

Allan J. - Portland, OR

I was very impressed with the courtesy and professionalism of the salesperson and the two men who installed the insulation. They answered all my questions and kept me informed regarding the installation process. My home is much warmer and I am looking forward to the reduced cost of energy consumed. Thank You very much!

Joanne O. - Olympia, WA

Joanne O - Olympia, WA+

Joanne O - Olympia, WA

We purchased the Sol-Blanket for the entire attic space, plus Solar Attic Fan and Clean Energy Guard surge/PF unit on Nov. 29, 2012 and all installed Dec. 1, 2012. The Installation went perfectly and was done in an efficient and professional manner. The installers were polite and knew their Job. The products appear to be working as advertised as it is too early for results on Savings. We are Happy with purchase, installation and initial results, and would Recommend SET to all.

Jeff M. - Oregon City, OR

Jeff M+

Jeff M

We found that the product has exceeded our expectations. Our house is warmer & more comfortable, thanks to the insulation installed in the attic. Our energy bills have gone down as well. Also the buying was made so easy & the salesman knowledgeable & helpful.

Hannah W. - Moses Lake, WA

We are very happy with the explanation Representative Keith provided us-we purchased the Attic Guard Product, the Surge Protector and the LED bulbs(30 in all). The guys who installed the attic cover were very professional & the Mister Sparky guy, Jim was very courteous

Doreen T. - Burien, WA

I purchased 2100 Sq. ft. of R-16 foil-backed attic insulation material (Sol-Blanket) in (3) 700 Sq. ft. rolls. Customer Service did an admirable job of making an adjustment to the delivery.

Ralph B. - Tacoma, WA

We attended the promotional dinner expecting a high pressure timeshare purchase pitch. Rather, we met two professional, polite representatives of Smart Energy Today and had a nice dinner. I had no hesitation making an in-home assessment and my salesman, Jonathan, was a very personable, professional and low impact. I ended up buying the ceiling insulation (Sol-Blanket), solar powered roofing fan (Solar Attic Fan) and surge protector (Clean Energy Guard). So far, I am pleased. The insulation crew were quick and polite. The electrician was too. Overall, I feel I made a sound investment in my home!

Michael E. - Olympia, WA

Thank You for the insulation services that your company provided in our home. Your installers were very professional in handling & installing (1) our solar powered attic ventilation system & (2)our Solar insulation blanket (Sol-Blanket). Whatever clean-up that was needed after the work was completed was meticulously done. Our first month of savings when we received our first bill was about 40%. Looking for more energy savings as time marched on.

James M. - Seattle, WA

I fully endorse the Sol-Blanket and the Solar Attic Fan installed in my house. I liked the no-pressure sales dinner, quick, professional and efficient installation, and the 30% reduction in my power bill from the year prior.

Joseph M. - Olympia, WA

We purchased the Sol-Blanket and Solar Attic Fan for our home, which is already a 5-star energy home. Our goal was not to lower our already low electric bill, but rather to even out the temperature differences between the 1st floor and 2nd floor and between the ends of the up-stairs "great" family room. The Sol-Blanket has achieved our goal of evening out the temperature differences. Even I notice it, but my wife has really appreciated the improvement. The installation of the product went well and the workers were courteous. I believe the Sol-Blanket has also improved the functionality of the insulation in the attic. The insulation was supposed to absorb and re-radiate for comfort, only with the Sol-Blanket does it feel right though. We recently got our December electric bill (the November comparison was very similar, that is, a small dollar savings). The bill was $116 for a 2300 sq. ft. all electric house. It looks to me like a 2 kw a day improvement or 5% from a year ago, because of the Sol-Blanket.

John & Susan Y. - Olympia, WA

John and Susan Y - Olympia, WA+

John and Susan Y - Olympia, WA

Debby ripped open the Puget power bill today and declared that we have a 14% expense reduction (in both electricity and natural gas) from the same period in 2011 despite having new insulation components for only a few weeks. The story should get even better next month when we can compare a full month's bill with an equivalent period from last year.

John and Debby B. - Des Moines, WA

All four men who came to my house were very polite, nice and professional!

Angella C. - Shelton, WA

In the fall of 2012, my wife and I had the opportunity to attend a presentation by New Energy Solutions (a DBA of Smart Energy Today). During the presentation, there were many energy saving products shown. Each of the energy saving products were presented by a very informative representative. Initially, we were attending the presentation to get information on new energy saving technologies, not intending to purchase any products. However, we were very interested in the Sol-Blanket and decided to have John and Scott come to our home and give a bid on the installation. Both of the sales representatives were very professional and easy to work with, and were very accommodating when setting up the installation time. We were also very pleased with the professionalism of the installers. Since the installation of the Sol-Blanket we have noticed a significant increase in our home's ability to retain heat which has resulted in reducing our energy costs. We are very pleased with this product and the service we received.

Curt K. - Olympia, WA

From the first visit during the dinner meeting to our house estimate, We felt listened to, respected and understood for what our needs and concerns were. The products speak for themselves. The quality of Elizabeth, Rex and John was paramount in our decision to purchase the technology. Great Folks and energy saving products!!

Mike and Sarah M. - Olympia, WA

On August 23, 2012 we purchased the Solar Attic Fan, Sol-Blanket and LED Light bulbs. We are enjoying the results of the Sol-Blanket. Our home is more comfortable in these cold days that we have been having. Our installation was in August, we also benefited from the Solar Attic Fan in that our house was cooler because of the attic fan and Sol-Blanket. The installers were very professional. We are enjoying the benefits of these products.

Joan G. - Salem, OR

We met Jamie and Julie on February 18, 2013 at a dinner held at Cafe Allegro in Tigard, Oregon. Both were very friendly and outgoing and Julie did a wonderful presentation on the benefits of Sol-Blanket, Solar Attic Fan and the Clean Energy Guard. She was very Patient with all the questions from the audience and answered each fully. We met Jamie and Julie the next day in our home where again they were very patient with our questions and after taking some measurements they advised us of our payment options. We needed time to be sure our finances would support this expenditure and they were kind enough to call the following morning and return to our home once again to complete the sale. Their patience and friendliness made it easy to feel comfortable with the information they provided. We scheduled the installation for Monday February 25th. They left their contact number in the event that we needed to reach out to them again. Today, Pat arrived promptly with his crew. He explained the process of the installation and got right to work. Pat kept us informed of their progress throughout the day. He said it would take about 5 hours and it did. He showed us pictures of the crawl space and showed us the attic insulation and fan. He even reconnected some exhaust ducts that had fallen. And they cleaned up, including vacuuming! The impact on our comfort from your products is still to be seen, but I feel assured that it will be as your Representative have stated. Thank you!

Vincent and Barbara C. - TIgard, OR

My name is Steve, after having my new insulation installed from New Energy Solutions (DBA of Smart Energy Today) my heating and electric bill has decreased by over 20%. I used to have cold spots in several areas throughout the house. Thanks to who ever invented the Sol-Blanket insulation, I no longer have that problem. This product will pay for itself in only a couple of years and has a great tax credit. I would highly recommend the Sol-Blanket to everyone. I am very pleased and glad that I purchased this product. This product has Lifetime warranty and will help the sale of your home in the future should you decide to sell your home.

Steven S. - Puyallup, WA

Your company is very responsive to any question I have had. I also wanted your company to know how well the product that was installed is working. My wife was always turning up the heat and telling me she was cold. Now she is turning it down and complaining it is to warm. My reason for installing the Sol-Blanket insulation was two fold. To protect the insulation already installed in the crawl space from squirrels and mice; and having it installed in the attic to keep it cooler in the summer. I never even thought about how much warmer we would be in the winter. The men who installed the products I ordered were outstanding. Very clean cut, Polite and respectful of our home.

Mike and Autumn M. - Olympia, WA

From the original presentation by Rex and his assistant, Keith, to the installation by Pat and his helpers, Mark and Nate, I couldn’t have been more pleased with my purchases from Smart Energy Today. Following the installation of the Sol-Blanket in both my attic and my crawl space, I immediately noticed the difference in my house heat. I am truly a happy camper! I also purchased the Solar Attic fan, and the Clean Energy Guard for my home. I know that I will see energy savings and reduced costs on my utility bill, and most importantly, added comfort to my home. Thanks again, guys, for taking good care of me.

Karen J.

I just wanted to say what an outstanding job the team from Smart Energy Today did at our house. The installers were friendly, focused on their project to install the SOL-Blanket, Solar Attic Fan, and the Clean Energy Guard. When working in the crawl space they discovered a leak which they repaired and also installed a part and hooked the dryer hose to the exit vent. This was done without any additional charge. They were friendly, respectful, and worked tirelessly the entire time they were here. My wife and I heartily recommend your products as well as those who represent and work for you. It was truly a most pleasant experience.

Hilton J.

I have been impressed with the level of Professionalism that this Team has given my wife and I. We really liked how well they treated our stored items that were placed in our attic. We have noticed a slight drop in our utility bills. We also feel more secure with the whole house main line Electricity filter(Clean Energy Guard).

H.D. - Olympia, WA

Case Studies

Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ conducts periodic case studies with existing customers in order to provide ongoing insight in to the effectiveness of our products while also providing potential customers with true results based on existing customer experiences. When conducting these case studies, Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ focuses on the many variables that can create variations in the effectiveness of our products, including but not limited to:

  • What the thermostat is set to
  • How many people living in the home
  • When the house was built
  • Other energy efficiency upgrades completed on the home
  • And the season in which the case study is conducted for)

Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ has an ongoing promotion for any existing customers who would like to participate in our case study program. Benefits include free products, gift cards, and cash prizes. If you are interested in becoming a part of our "Case Study Network" please contact our office at 888-405-8689. Our customer service staff will be able to tell you more about what we would need from you as well as what benefits and prizes you can qualify for!

Smart Energy Today | Customer Case Study | #1540+

Smart Energy Today | Customer Case Study | #1540