Time is precious.  Hundreds and even thousands of companies are all striving to get your attention so they can sell you something.  Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ takes a different approach.  We provide potential customers with education in a low pressure, entertaining atmosphere with some darn good food.  Then if it makes sense our prospective customers make an appointment for an in home energy analysis.


Low Pressure


When is the last time someone invited you out for dinner and told you to leave your checkbook at home?  Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ is not a here today and gone tomorrow company.  With that in mind we strive to provide our guests with relevant information about home energy use to assist them in the decision making process so they can take action when the time is right for them.  It’s like a mini science class – but edible and delicious food much more entertaining.




We like to show off a little.  Frequently our presenters will have guest names memorized by the time they sit down.  Then, once everyone has arrived the presenter will likely introduce everyone by name working from memory.  It’s impressive to say the least!


20140520_193228(0)At every dinner we bring along materials for some useful experiments.  One experiment we like to show is of a heat lamp with some traditional insulation below it.  We like to ask a guest to verify the lamp is hot.  After a little while we come back to the insulation and using a thermometer check it’s temperature.  Over the short amount of time the insulation has absorbed a tremendous amount of heat (much like the suns rays heating up the roof of your home, the attic, the insulation and then the inside of the house).


Now imagine the opposite – during cold weather.  The heat you pay for to make your home warm is trying to escape the home mostly through the ceiling (heat rises) but also through cracks in windows, doors and other places.  The insulation absorbs a portion of that heat that rises through the ceiling and then it escapes into the attic and out through the roofs ventilation system.


To show how our feature product, Sol-Blanket Insulation™ (a double sided radiant barrier which is a feature product of Smart Energy Today, Inc.™) will reflect a significant portion of radiant heat trying to enter or escape back into your home we finish the experiment by placing a square over the insulation and below the heat lamp just as we do for hundreds of customers every month. Then we have a guest look at the temperature of the insulation.  It has gone down significantly.  It’s basic science – but seeing it up close is just cool!


To recap, this experiment shows how the  Sol-Blanket Insulation™ keeps heat inside the home during cold weather and out of the home during hot weather which makes a home more comfortable, reduces the amount of energy used to heat and cool it and cuts down wear and tear on heating and cooling equipment.


Click here to learn more about radiant barriers.


Good Food


shutterstock_198679262We know our customers read third party online reviews from sites like Yelp, the Better Business Bureau and AngiesList.  We also use those sites to pick quality restaurants that customers have given positive reviews.  Typical menu options include entrees such as New York Steak, Chicken Parmigiana or Grilled Salmon as well as a vegetarian option.

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Do you have any questions about Smart Energy Today, Inc.™?  Would you like to attend a dinner next time we are in your area?  Call us today (888) 405-8689.  Have you been to a dinner?  Tell us about your experience or ask your questions below in the comments section.  Click here to see Frequently Asked Questions about Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ dinners.


Dinner Presenters

Dinner Presenters

About the Company


Footer-BBBSmart Energy Today, Inc.™ is located in Olympia Washington and serves all of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California and Pennsylvania.  Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ is a home improvement and maintenance company that offers a line of durable high quality energy efficient products designed to make homes and businesses more comfortable while saving money and reducing the carbon footprint at the same time.  If you are looking to improve the comfortability and efficiency of your home or business, lower costs and become more energy independent, Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ can help.  Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ is proud of its superior products and service and always strives for positive reviews.