A radiant barrier blocks radiant heat sources like the sun rays from passing through a home's attic into the rooms below

A radiant barrier blocks 95 – 97% of radiant heat from the Sun. The Sun heats the roof, the roof heats the attic, the attic heats the insulation, the insulation heats the ceiling and the ceiling heats the rooms below it

 Radiant barriers are usually installed in attics and crawl spaces and consist of a highly reflective material that reflects radiant heat rather than absorbs it.   Think of a potato wrapped in foil.  Radiant barriers as part of a whole attic system can significantly affect the comfort of your home and provide a small amount of energy savings and wear and tear on heating and cooling (HVAC) equipment.  This article discusses four things you should know about radiant barriers.


1.  Radiant Barriers Are Low Maintenance


Copy of 20131104_141219Once installed, depending on your attic environment radiant barriers do not require regular maintenance.  Radiant barriers go directly over the insulation on your attic floor.   If you don’t have proper ventilation in the attic it may be very dusty.  If your attic floor gets very dusty, it may be a good idea to occasionally sweep and vacuum the dust off the radiant barrier.  Beyond this, a radiant barrier will work year after year without requiring maintenance.


2.  A Radiant Barrier Increases the Resale Value of Your Home.


Everything matters.  Radiant barriers improve the energy efficiency of a home.  Thus adding to it’s resale value.  Several studies and green rating programs have proven and shown this.  See this article for more on this.  Consumers recognize the value of radiant barriers provide in terms of comfort, energy savings and wear and tear on heating and cooling equipment and that translates into an increased value of a home upon resale.


20140514951425503.  Radiant Barriers Are Not Just for the Traditional Homes


Radiant barriers work anywhere.  Think of a coffee cup that keeps hot coffee hot and iced coffee cold longer.  Radiant barriers are effective in maintaining comfortable temperatures in garages, sheds, boat house, pole barns and even a dog house!


4.  Radiant Barriers Extend the Life of Comfort Control Units (Heating/Cooling System)


Less hot air entering your home when it is hot means less cold air your cooling system needs to pump into the home.  The less the system runs the longer it lasts and the more energy you save.  Heat follows the cold.  It’s a universal law.  When it’s cold and the heat is attempting to escape your home and “follow” the cold the radiant barrier helps contain it in the home.  Now the heating system has less warm or hot air to replace.  Another added benefit is the noise reduction from the heating/cooling system turning on and off.


Please note that a radiant barrier does not replace the need for mass insulation. It helps boost the thermal efficiency of mass insulation and helps prevent conductive and convective heat transfer in addition to the radiant heat benefits.


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