Radiant Barriers are inspired by NASA technology

Radiant Barriers are inspired by NASA technology

Radiant barriers are constructed to work in your attic to keep some of the heat from the sun away from your living space below.  The NASA inspired technology when combined with traditional insulation and a fan this system can be very effective at reducing the amount of heat that enters and leaves your home.  Radiant Barriers reflect Radiant Heat transfer from one side to another due to the reflective surface.  There are many types of radiant barriers for sale on the market.  As technology changes and use of radiant barriers increases different and better types of radiant barriers are always being developed.  This article discusses five generic types.


  1. Single-sided foil (foil on one side) with another material backing such as polypropylene or kraft paper.  The product can be further strengthened by sandwiching fiber webbing between the foil and the backing.  A strong backing material is important since un-reinforced foil tears very easily.
  2. 1 Roll of this radiant barrier called Sol-Blanket Insulation™ covers 700 square feet

    1 Roll of this radiant barrier called Sol-Blanket Insulation™ covers 700 square feet

    Foil-faced roof sheathing materials that come from the manufacturer with a foil facing adhered to one side of the sheathing.

  3. Double-sided foil with reinforcement between the two layers of foil.  Reinforcement could be cardboard, Mylar, fiber webbing or draft paper.
  4. Foil-faced insulation may be polyethylene (air-bubble) packing, polyisocyanurate or another material that deters heat conduction.
  5. Multi layered foil systems.  These systems form insulating air spaces when fully extended and installed so that the foil layers do not touch.  They have been designed to hold down the condensation difficulties that are inherent in bubble foil and single foil foil insulation products.


Choosing the right barrier may depend on where the radiant barrier will be installed in the home and amount of heat and moisture that it is exposed to.  Click here to find a radiant barrier fact sheet from the U.S. Department of Energy.
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