Big Oil is losing the public opinion battle in America.  The American Public is no longer buying the idea that Solar Power isn’t feasible. Most American’s now believe that not only is renewable energy feasible and accessible… it’s downright necessary. In a research paper published on June 2, 2015 by University of Michigan shows that American opinion on renewable energy sources is at an all time high.  A strong majority (74 percent) of Americans agree that state governments should require a set portion of all electricity to come from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power.

What does this mean for America?

It means that companies and politicians that try to stifle the growth of renewables may face heavy public backlash. It means that as of last month Americas future is a little brighter and a whole lot greener.  It also means that renewable energy companies will need to continually improve and innovate as the demand for solar power and renewable energy grows.

What does this mean for you?

We all may soon be living in a time when our state government requires a portion of our power to be generated by Solar power?  Why solar power?  PV Solar Systems are by far the most affordable and accessible renewable energy tech available to residential areas.  The arrays can be installed directly on your roof.  There is no digging required as there is with geothermal.  There is no excess land, and permitting required to erect a 40 foot tower like there is with wind.  Solar sits snuggly on your roof and provides a completely silent, and reliable source of clean energy that can be fed into the grid.  Not only that but PV solar provides power when our grid needs it the most… in the middle of the day.

Smart money says Solar all the way.

In the debate over residential renewables it is usually between wind and solar.  Here is a list that clearly shows why the smart money is on Solar to win.

Wind Pros

  • Clean and sustainable
  • Can provide power at night

Wind Cons

  • Moving parts that need maintenance by a professional
  • Extra land and clearance required to erect tower
  • Unsafe for publicly accessable space
  • Loud – the turbines generate a low frequency rumble/hum that has been linked to headaches, insomnia, ear damage and even nose bleeds
  • Affects weather patterns by creating “a wind shadow” slowing down wind by removing energy from the air
  • Too many turbines in use could really affect global weather patterns, plant pollination and rain fall
  • Studies show they can interfere with cellular reception and generate static electricity around the blades in certain conditions
  • Only works when it’s windy

Solar Pros

  • Clean and sustainable
  • Provides peak efficiency during the middle of the day when the grid needs power the most
  • No extra land required for a residential installation
  • Creates no noise at all
  • Still performs when the days are cloudy
  • Generates power 9 hours a day year round
  • Extremely low maintenance that can be completed by home owner with water and a squeegie
  • Available in crowded cities with little to no land available
  • Government currently offers rebate/tax credits for solar installs

Solar Cons

  • Doesn’t generate power at night
  • Doesn’t “trickle off” the grid – PV solar simply shuts off when there is no sunlight


Source for public opinion poll: https://ns.umich.edu/new/releases/22931-most-americans-support-renewable-energy-standards