According to a blog post released January 11, 2016 the Alliance to Save Energy ranks Attic Insulation and Solar in the top 5 of most important energy saving upgrades you can perform on your home. Rounding out the top of the list were:

1. Seal windows and doors
2. Add Insulation (especially in the attic)
3. Inspect HVAC (Seal ducts, regular maintenance and cleaning)
4. Replace windows
5. Go Solar
6. Smart Thermostat
7. Seal light switches and plugs
8. Upgrade lighting to LED
9. Add exterior shade for the summer
10. Upgrade Appliances

If you are building a new home make sure you have the proper insulation in the walls and seal all plugs and switches. Here is an amazing video that shows how much cold air can come in from an unsealed switch plate.

If you are retrofitting your home, one of the most important upgrades to make is adding insulation to the attic. Over time the attic insulation will compress and will lower your R-value, or in other terms it will reduce your insulations capacity to slow heat loss/gain. Once you’ve added the appropriate amount of insulation back into your attic consider something like Sol-blanket to cover your insulation which will protect it from dust and moisture. This radiant barrier will extend the life of your new insulation and help extend the life of your roof.