Become a Preferred Installer with Smart Energy Today

Smart Energy Today provides Solar and home improvement upgrades across the country. Our business is BOOMING and we are looking for qualified contractors to extend our install network.
What to join our Preferred Install Network and receive install ready jobs? Apply here!

Preferred Installer Application

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  • This information helps us determine your viability as a contractor. We already have contractors in our Preferred Program who are servicing certain areas. Please only list counties you are willing to travel to and work in.
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    Every contractor must be able to haul materials to job sites reliably. Having a single van or pickup truck is not enough.
    You will need Approx. 400/sqft and the ability to secure that space.
    Most installs are scheduled Thursday - Sunday
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf.
    Send us a picture of anything that represents the quality of company you are. It helps us to SEE pictures of your trucks, completed jobs etc. You are limited to 10 pictures and 50MB total.
  • If you have a Flikr account, Youtube Channel or Facebook profile with samples of your work we'd love to see it.