In January of 2014 we were contacted by a writer at Forbes who asked if we could supply some photos of Solar installs for an article he was writing. After hearing him out over the phone we discovered that he was writing an article about his experience trying to purchase solar.  Unknown to us, he had already been working with someone on our sales team and decided we were one of the most helpful and honest companies he had worked with!  He was impressed with the fact we actually tried to find the best solution for his unique home. We were thrilled to find out later that this customer was going to share his positive experience with the world.

We are so honored to be mentioned in such a positive way.  We will continue to strive to make every customers experience an excellent and memorable one.

You can read the article here: Forbes.com

To save you a click, here is the quote from the article:

In my own search for a company to put a solar array on our roof, I came across companies that outright lied about their products, either wrongfully claiming they were made in America, or stating they were the only ones manufactured in my home state. But I also came across excellent companies, like Smart Energy Today, who encourage inexpensive strategies, like high-tech insulation, to reduce utility bills more than the more costly solar arrays.

The article on Forbes is NOT a paid advertisement, it’s just the honest story of one of our great customers who happened to be a writer.  This experience has only strengthened our resolve to try and treat everyone of our customers with the respect and honesty they deserve… because you never know who you’re serving.  Thanks again Forbes.com!