When power plants burn fossil fuels to make electricity, they release greenhouse gases.  By using less energy at home, you help reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change.  Energy Star offers a great Infographic that can help explain, in more detail, how we make an impact on our planet.

There are many ways that you can help save energy in your home by reducing the energy used by heating and cooling systems.  A simple changing of your air filters, will reduce how hard your system has to work to regulate your homes temperature, and therefore use less energy.  Installing a programmable thermostat can also save energy by setting your system to only heating/cooling your home during times of the day that you are home.

Everybody knows about insulation that goes into your attic.  Far fewer people know about radiant barriers or reflective insulation.  Traditional insulation stop conductive and convective heat transfer.   It does not stop radiant heat transfer.  The US Department of Energy says that radiant barriers word and are becoming popular.  Smart Energy Today, Inc has a unique product called Sol-Blanket Insulation.  It is a reflective insulation that combines a radiant barrier, vapor barrier and insulation all in one.  Click here to learn more.

Learn more great ways to save energy by visiting Energy Star.