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Contact-Us-GraphicDo you wonder if your home is energy efficient?  Does your home get really hot or really cold?  Do you hear your neighbors talking about how low their power bill is?  Are you curious about reflective insulation and how that can improve the energy efficiency for your home?  A free home energy analysis can help you decide what home improvement project you to do next.    Smart Energy Today, Inc., provides a free in home energy analysis for prospective customers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, California and Pennsylvania.  There is no requirement and there is no risk.


What happens at an in home energy analysis performed by Smart Energy Today, Inc.?


Footer-BBBThe first thing our trained professionals do when an in home energy analysis is performed is listen.  We want to hear from you.  We will ask questions like “Why do you think that your home might not be energy efficient?”, “What projects do you know need to be completed?”, “Where do you spend most of your time in the home?” or “Do you notice certain rooms get colder or hotter than the rest of the home?”.  Before we move on lets take a look at the three ways heat transfer happens.


Solar-Energy-RaysFundamentals of Heat Transfer – Conduction, Convection and Radiation


Conduction – Conduction is the direct flow of heat after it has come in physical contact with a material.  A typical example of conductive heat transfer would be the heat transferred a liquid such as coffee, through the cup, to the hand gripping the cup.


Convection – Convection is the transfer of heat caused by the movement of heat.  In a home or building, or anywhere else for that matter, warm or hot air rises and cold or cool air settles.  Forced convection happens when a fan or wind moves air.  An example of free convection is warm air rising from a chimney.Radiation – Radiation is the transfer of heat from a hot surface to a cold surface through air.  All surfaces radiate to a certain degree.  Radiant heat is energy, has no temperature and is not visible.  An example of radiation is when radiant heat from the sun passes through the windshield of a vehicle, strikes the dashboard or steering wheel and is absorbed caused it to rise in temperature.


car sun shieldRadiation – Radiation is the transfer of heat from a hot surface to a cold surface through air.  All surfaces radiate to a certain degree.  Radiant heat is energy, has no temperature and is not visible.  An example of radiation is when radiant heat from the sun passes through the windshield of a vehicle, strikes the dashboard or steering wheel and is absorbed caused it to rise in temperature.


Now back to the Home Energy Analysis


The first step to making your home more energy efficient is to assess components of the home that frequently are the cause of high energy bills and uncomfortability.  The attic is where the majority of heat gain and heat loss occur in a home and insulation has traditionally been viewed as the primary means of stopping the heat loss or gain.  When Smart Energy Today, Inc., comes to your home for an in home energy analysis we are going to look at and measure the r-value of existing insulation.   Insulation slows conductive and convective heat transfer.  R-value is attached to insulation according to its thermal efficiency.  The consensus is the majority of homes need more insulation and Smart Energy Today, Inc., sells all forms of insulation.


TIP:  Check out the“R-Value” calculator  from the The U.S. Department of Energy or check local building codes for r-value recommendations based the type of home you live in, the way you heat the home and the climate you live in.


Is reflective insulation a part of your attic?


SET_Featured-ProductStopping the transfer of heat into and out of a home makes a home energy efficient.  Reflective Insulation, also called a radiant barrier, uses highly reflective materials, usually a metallic foil, to block radiant heat transfer.  Reflective insulation is a proven product, is required in some parts of the country in new home construction and Smart Energy Today has thousands of happy customers who have seen the benefits of their reflective insulation called Sol-Blanket Insulation ™.  Because it blocks radiant heat transfer – it complements traditional insulation and together does what many people think insulation will do – stop or inhibit the flow of heat into and out of the home.

Sol-Blanket Insulation vs Traditional Insulation

Other great benefits of reflective insulation are that they deter critters from nesting in your insulation, the Sol-Blanket Insulation ™ is environmentally friendly and can be recycled and there is no off gassing.  Additionally, it can be laid over existing insulation and doesn’t have harmful particles that can get into your lungs (like fiberglass).


This too will happen at a Home Energy Analysis by Smart Energy Today


We are going to check your attic and crawlspace to insure there is proper ventilation.  Proper ventilation will move super-heated air out of the attic and cold moist air out of the Proper Ventilation Is Importantcrawlspace. Generally speaking, code requires 1 square foot of ventilation for every 300 square feet of floor space.  Proper ventilation is also important because improper ventilation and a few other variables may contribute to mold and mildew in a crawlspace or attic which can contribute to the deterioration of existing insulation and the structure of a home.  Smart Energy Today sells and installs solar fans and may recommend one if your home does not meet the 1 to 300 threshold mentioned above.


Proper caulking and sealing is important to keep the warm air you are paying for in the winter inside the home and the cool air you are paying for inside the home during the summer.  You can have all the insulation in the world but if you have cracks and leaks in doors, floors, ceilings, etc… then you won’t be able to obtain maximum energy efficiency.


Solar Tube

Solar Tube

Do you have really dark areas in the home do to improper lighting, lack of windows etc…?  A skytube or skylight can be an economical or aesthetic way of bringing more light to a space.  Smart Energy Today will discuss with you locations in the home where you might enjoy or benefit from installing a skytube or skylight.


Another way we address lighting is by looking at the type of lights you are using in the home.  LED light bulbs are by far the most energy efficient


What about solar?


Many people want to be a part of the solar revolution and PV Solar Systems are becoming an accepted way to do that.  The cost has come down dramatically and getting involved in the revolution is easier than ever.  Depending on where you live, your energy use and a few other variables we may discuss solar energy options.  There are great incentives from local utility providers and tax rebates from the federal government that make now a as good as a time as any to make this happen.  Click here for the most comprehensive online resource to find out about local, state and federal  incentives, discounts and rebates.



After the in Home Energy Analysis – Customized Solutions


Smart Energy Today is interested in finding ways to reduce energy consumption, increase comfort and lower cost for everybody.  Every home is different and we recognize that.  That’s why our in home energy analysis will take into account the needs habits of homeowners, the materials used to the home, local building codes and climate conditions.  Then we will write you a quote.  Call or contact Smart Energy Today at (888) 405-8689 to schedule your in home energy analysis.