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The Clean Energy Guard  is a US product manufactured exclusively for Smart Energy Today, Inc™ out of Atlanta Georgia for home surge protection.  The Clean Energy Guard™ is a whole home energy surge protection management system that is wired directly into your breaker panel.  The Clean Energy Guard™ provides surge and spike suppression, that will lengthen the life of any electronics and motors you have in your home.  It also reduces the amount of amps used in your home by up to 50%, making all your motors and electronics last longer and run smoother.  Average homes today are very different then they were 10-20  years ago.  We rely so heavily on computers and electronics that the amount of energy we consume has grown at a very rapid rate.  Having the Clean Energy Guard™   installed in your home will help protect all your motors, appliances, and electronics.

Please Note: The Clean Energy Guard™ residential unit does not reduce the wattage used in a home and therefore will not directly save you money on your monthly “power bill”.  But, by protecting your whole home from spikes / surges and reducing the amps used by up to 50% you can keep thousand dollars in your pocket in the long run.

Backed with an amazing $25,000 insurance policy and 10 year warranty.  This product is a must have for all homes that qualify.




Home Surge Protection Smart Energy Today Clean Energy Guard

How Home Surge Protection Works

  • The unit is a surge protector

The unit is a whole house surge protector, rated for an industry best 2800 joules of surge protection.  The unit, when installed correctly, will divert any transient voltage to ground and/or will absorb the transient voltage with MOV and thermal cutoffs.

  • The unit is a power factor correction unit

How do we achieve that? By bringing your current in phase.  The closer in phase your incoming current is, the more stable your output voltage will be.  The more stable your output voltage is the less amperage you will consume and less heat will be generated in a circuit.

  • The unit is a capacitor bank based apparatus

Meaning, whenever a home owner starts any appliance with an inductive load (washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, furnace blower, AC unit, pool pump, etc), the appliance will draw directly from the unit.  Essentially eliminating the kilowatt spikes that they would normally see in their power meter.

By correcting the power factor ratio, eliminating kilowatt spikes, and blocking out transient voltage the unit will help increase the life of appliances, and electronics, and can reduce amp usages by up to 50%.

Clean Energy Guard

If you are a business owner, you know the importance and benefit of reducing costs and saving energy.  The Clean Energy Guard™ commercial unit works great in larger buildings that have a higher demand for energy.  Having a proper energy management system can save money on yearly energy bills.  Protect your expensive equipment, such as air conditioner units, water pumps, commercial grade kitchen appliances, and more with the Clean Energy Guard™.  The Clean Energy Guard™ is perfect for malls, schools, warehouses, restaurants, stores, and any other large buildings.

Contact Smart Energy Today. Inc.™ to find out more about the Clean Energy Guard™ and how it can help your family and your home.

Home Surge Protection Smart Energy Today Clean Energy Guard Commercial