Home weatherization tips – Summer


Weatherizing a home to increase comfort and reduce energy usage for maximum savings is usually something you think of in cold weather months.  Comfort, consumption and cost are important in the summer too!  Simple improvements can make a big difference!  They can be quick and easy.


Windows & Doors



Air leakage can be serious problem.  As much as 30% of energy usage can be wasted if your doors and windows are not sealed properly.  Caulking, adding a weatherstrip and installing storm windows are a few useful ways to keep heat from entering your home in the summer.  Window shades are another simple way to quickly improve the comfort of the home.  They keep sun out during the day and heat in at night.


When it comes to doors it may be time to replace a worn door sweep or tighten up the jamb.  High traffic will cause door sweeps to wear down quickly and weather-stripping to flatten out.  If the door sweep is worn or the weather-stripping is flat or tattered it’s time to replace them.  Door sweeps and weather-stripping may also be appropriate for rooms in the house that get very little use.  Why let that hot air from those rooms get into the rest of the house?




In the summer warm air passes through traditional insulation into your home

In the summer warm air passes through traditional insulation into your home

Just as you want to keep the hot air out of the house you want to keep the cool air in.  Hot or warm air chases cold or cool air.  Attics can get very warm (Up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit).  That hot air wants to get into your home where it’s cooler.  Proper ventilation to get the superheated air out of the attic is one part of an attic system that is efficienct and designed to keep hot air out in the summer.  A radiant barrier over insulation along with proper caulking and sealing between the ceiling and attic all work together to keep that cool air in the home.


See this article for more about attic ventilation, radiant barriers, and caulking & sealing.


Here are some other tips:


  • SET_Skylight-Tube-Run your ceiling fan in reverse during the summer. Most fans come with a switch to reverse the way the blade spin. Running your fan in reverse when it’s warm pulls the cool air near the floor upwards toward the ceiling.  See this article for more on this.
  • -Turn down the temperature on your water heater. Most are automatically set to 140 degrees F.  This is likely hotter than you will likely ever need. Turn the temperature 20 degrees (or more).
  • -If it’s really hot outside, take a cool shower to save on hot water use.
  • -Be careful of where you put light sources. Put them in the places where you particularly need them, like your desk, over a counter, and near your favorite reading spot. Even better consider a skylight.  Skylights have a protective coating that can keep the heat out and let the light in.  See this article for to learn about the advantages of skylights.



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