Industry Knowledge

Making smart decisions about your homes insulation, heating/cooling, ventilation, and lighting can have a huge impact on your monthly bills and your comfort.  Smart Energy Today, Inc ® strives to help our customers make the right decisions for reducing the amount of energy you consume, lower the cost of your energy bills, and increasing the comfort level for you and your family.

CCCConsumption – Cost – Comfort

There are so many things you can easily do to reduce your energy consumption.  Maintaining your home properly can greatly increase your home’s performance (heating/cooling, lighting, etc.).  Reducing your consumption can save you a significant amount on your monthly energy bills.  Going Green and making energy conscious lifestyle changes can not only save you money and reduce your living costs, but it can also make your home more comfortable and efficient.

Tax Credits, Incentives, and Promotions

There are many companies and government agencies that will provide incentives, rebates, and credits for making energy efficient improvements to your home.  Check with your local power company for any promotions they may be running.  A lot of times you can trade in your old incandescent light bulbs for newer efficient CFL or LED light bulbs.  If you have Solar Panels and are generating more energy then you consume, some power companies will offer you a credit or to buy the excess energy from you!

There is also a Federal Tax Credit until the end of 2019 that can give you up to 30% credit for qualifying energy efficient improvements, including Solar Energy Systems, Small Wind Turbines, and Energy Star Qualified appliances.  Talk to your Tax Advisor or CPA to find out specifically what credit you qualify for.