Around these parts in the Pac North West it’s not uncommon to see the Gray, Green and Blue colors flying high come game day, but the folks at the Super Bowl may have just out-GREENED us.  Some genius at University of Pheonix Stadium and the Super Bowl planning team decided it was time to reduce energy costs and get the stadium upgraded with LED bulbs.  That’s right!  For the first time ever, Super Bowl 49 will be lit completely by LED fixtures and is estimated to use 75% less energy!  That’s good news for everybody.  The lights will be supplied by a company called Ephesus and they are truly state of the art.  Not only do they use less energy, but the quality of light for broadcasting is supposedly much better.


These lights are also SMART LIGHTS and can actually be controlled from a connected device unlike their metal-halide counterparts which are simply dumb energy hogs.  Now think of this… if the folks at the NFL think it’s time to go GREEN and save money on their energy bills, maybe it’s time you do the same.  The upgrade is going to cost MILLIONS, but with the long-life and low maintenance of these fixtures it will save even more in the long run.  One of the big benefits of these new LED light fixtures is they produce a fraction of the heat the old fixtures produced and in Pheonix, Arizona anything that helps with that air conditioning bill is a welcome and necessary upgrade.

When we get invited into a home we are always looking for a multi-prong approach to saving energy and making a home more comfortable to live in. For us there isn’t just one product that can save the day, but rather all of our core products working together to make a big difference.  It is great if you put solar on your home to lower your bill each month, but if all that heating and cooling you’re producing is escaping out of your poorly insulated roof… that’s just dollars floating out of your home.  We aim to help you create energy, save energy and retain as much of it as you can, so you don’t have to keep making it.  Every watt we help you create and every degree in temperature we help you maintain is money in your pocket.

Check out the video below to learn more about this historic upgrade.