Andalay Solar Plug and Play


Many people want to participate in the solar revolution that is going on today.  “Plug & Play” is a term that is popping up a lot these days in the solar industry and will make that possible.  Harnessing the power of the sun to power our homes and businesses will be important in the effort to eliminate our reliance on fossil fuels and save money.  To do this “plug-and-play” solar technology must be simple and straightforward from the purchase to successful installation and use.




“Plug & Play” has traditionally applied to computers.  Here is an old definition:

“a standard for the connection of peripherals to personal computers, whereby a device only needs to be connected to a computer in order to be configured to work perfectly, without any action by the user.”

Here’s a definition we will use for the purposes of this article:

“denoting or relating to software or devices (as in solar powered systems) that are intended to work perfectly when first used or connected, without reconfiguration or adjustment by the user.”


“Plug & Play” systems can be purchased, installed, and operational in one day.  Automated panel-to-panel mounting along with grounding and wiring is instrumental in making this possible.  Many large products in your home utilize the “Plug & Play” model.  Think of your washer and dryer.  Refrigerator.  Dishwasher.  You have it delivered by a professional, put it in place and then you plug it in.  It’s that simple.

Plug & Play“Plug & Play” systems have fewer parts which means that fewer steps are required to install an ordinary solar power system.  The “Instant Connect” Plug & Play Solar Power system from Smart Energy Today has an innovative splice system that automates all connections.  No matter where the solar power system is installed a rapid, repeatable and secure way of mounting panels directly to both sloped and flat roofs will be important.




With “Plug and Play” you can start small or large.  Technology changes quickly.  Every year solar power systems are harnessing more energy and becoming more efficient.  Starting small with one or two panels so you can feel good and be part of the solar revolution is acceptable and “Plug & Play” technologies help make possible.  Buying a small solar powered system and adding on more panels when you are ready will be easy.




Money-HouseCost can be prohibitive when looking at residential solar systems.  “Plug & Play” technology is progressively putting that barrier to rest.  It is getting cheap fast!  Standard design and installation process reduce the cost of installed solar systems by almost 40 percent compared with traditional systems, which are highly customized.  To illustrate – think of a GPS system.  They cost about $15,000 and were pretty big in 1985.  Now you can get a hand held GPS unit for less than $100 and they do way more than they did back then!


Local, State and Federal Incentives are abundant and make now a good time to get involved in solar.  Depending on where you live your local utility provider may pay you for the solar power that you don’t use and send to them.  That is called net metering.  In Washington, and many other states you can get paid for any solar energy you produce.  That is called a production incentive.  At the federal level you get a 30% tax credit on solar equipment purchased.  For example, if you buy a $5,000 solar system, you can write off $1,500 from your taxes owed.  Click here to see the most comprehensive source of information on incentives and policies that support renewables and energy efficiency in the United States.  It is called DSIRE ™ which stands for Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency.


Saving money and positively impacting our environment is a win/win for everyone.  With all the “Plug & Play” options emerging on the market consumer acceptance of solar powered systems in the home is not far away.


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