Upgrading your insulation, or ensuring that you have the proper amount/kind of insulation, can be a great investment in your home.  Remodeling your kitchen or your bathroom, may be a little more exciting or more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes when it comes to investing in your home.  Improving the insulation in your home can yield a 100 percent (or more) return on your investment, as well; increasing the value of your home!  Having proper insulation can also go a LONG way toward improving the overall efficiency of your home.  In the average home, you can expect to spend 50-60% of the energy bill on heating and cooling.  Insufficient insulation is a primary cause of energy waste in most homes.  Proper insulation can make your home more comfortable to live in by maintaining the temperature throughout the home.  You will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  Proper insulation can help save money on your energy bills.  Who wouldn’t want to save money?

There are three ways heat transfer happens.  Conductive,convective and radiant.  Mass insulation products stop conductive and convective.  You can address radiant heat by using reflective insulation.

For more Information on insulation, whether you have enough in your home, and what our recommendation is, go to Types of Insulation.