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Why QuietCool?

It is our objective at Smart Energy Today to provide our customers with the absolute best products available for saving money and making their homes more comfortable! The US Department of Energy reports that the most cost effective way to cool your home is a whole house fan, and QuietCool fans are the most energy efficient whole house fans on the market today! Did you know QuietCool has been saving customers money on their energy bills since 2004 and that total is up to $150,000,000!  We are excited to add QuietCool Advanced Whole House fans to our product line-up.

TRIDENT – Professional Series

The TRI PRO-6.5 will cool and ventilate up to a 3,250 square foot house and moves an astounding 6,502 CFM at only 50 dB! Fifty decibels is the level of noise of a quiet conversation at home or a quiet stream.

The Trident Pro line comes with standard wall switch controls including an 8 Hour Countdown Timer and a speed control switch if applicable. The timer will allow you to turn the fan off when you go to bed and it will automatically shut down by morning after your home is cool and comfortable.  The Trident Professional Series fans come with a standard 15-year warranty. Pictured:TRIDENT PRO 4.8 – Hanging position

Simply the best.

A QuietCool whole house fan is the world’s quietest and efficient whole house fan system. It reduces utility costs, increases energy savings, provides better health and increased comfort, and produces cleaner and more pristine air.

We install QuietCool fans because we know they are the best. With outstanding build quality, whisper quiet operation, and the highest satisfaction rating in the industry, you will love how your home feels. With an outstanding 98% customer satisfaction rate, QuietCool offers homeowners the best way to save money off of A/C usage and experience better comfort. This is the revolutionary product that consumers are raving about!

If you are interested in installing a Professional Series Trident whole house fan system by QuietCool please fill out the form below. Someone from our team will be in touch by the next business day.

QuietCool Fan Request Form

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The Trident Series Fan truly affects your WHOLE HOUSE.

Below are EIGHT areas of your home that will benefit from a QuietCool fan. Smart Energy Today only carries the Professional Trident Series. When you purchase your QC fan from us you can be sure you’re getting the best fan for the best value.