Even if your home has air conditioning, consider installing a whole house fan. Whole house fans use far less energy than air conditioners and they cut cooling costs. In fact, whole house fans typically use about one-tenth of the electricity of comparably sized air conditioners, and they are relatively inexpensive to install. Used correctly, they can help you cut your air conditioning bills substantially.

One of the customer bills we analyzed from 2014 showed that when they ran their Air Conditioner which was a Carrier 4 Ton Air Conditioner (CA16NA048) in July it was an average price of $9.34 cents per 12 hour day. They had a Quiet Cool Trident Whole House fan installed and the cost to run their whole house fan was only .83 cents per 12 hour day. They loved the Trident QuietCool Fans so much they upgraded to 3 fans. The other benefit was after a year of using the whole house fan these customers noticed they were able to quit running their AC in September and they didn’t need to start using it until June! They cut almost 2 total months of AC usage.

Once you upgrade to a whole house fan you can never go back. The amazing health and comfort benefits to having a whole house air exchange are worth it alone! All of our customers that have a whole house fan are thrilled with the air quality of their home AFTER they install a QuietCool whole house fan.

In fact these whole house fans are so effective at reducing energy usage and they are so good at removing pollutants from the home that the State of California now mandates them installed into every NEW home that’s built after 2013! https://www.energy.ca.gov/releases/2012_releases/2012-05-31_energy_commission_approves_more_efficient_buildings_nr.html and you can read more about the whole house benefits here: https://www.consumerenergycenter.org/residential/heating_cooling/wholehouse_fan.html

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