Smart Energy Today energy usage case study

Smart Energy Today, Inc.® conducts periodic case studies with existing customers in order to provide ongoing insight in to the effectiveness of our products while also providing potential customers with true results based on existing customer experiences. When conducting these case studies, Smart Energy Today, Inc.® focuses on the many variables that can create variations in the effectiveness of our products, including but not limited to:

  • What the thermostat is set to
  • How many people living in the home
  • When the house was built
  • Other energy efficiency upgrades completed on the home
  • And the season in which the case study is conducted for


Smart Energy Today, Inc.® has an ongoing promotion for any existing customers who would like to participate in our case study program. Benefits include free products, gift cards, and cash prizes. If you are interested in becoming a part of our “Case Study Network” please contact our office at 888-405-8689. Our customer service staff will be able to tell you more about what we would need from you as well as what benefits and prizes you can qualify for!

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