Will a solar fan work on my roof?

The Smart Air Ventilation™ solar fan can be installed on any kind of roof, including composite shingles, tile, wood, flat, gable, and pitched.  Smart Energy Today, Inc.® can have a professional installer show you the best location to install the unit where it will get the most sunlight (UV rays) and get optimal ventilation performance.  The solar panel on these solar fans can be tilted and swiveled in almost any direction to catch the light no matter how pitched your roof may be.  Every home is a little bit different, but we install only the highest quality and most versatile solar fans available.  Contact Us today to get more information on the Smart Air Ventilation™ solar fan and to see about getting one installed in your home.

The Benefits of whole house attic ventilation.

Attic – Smart Air Ventilation™ solar fan will help circulate the air.  During the summer attic heat build-up radiates into the living space.  A Smart Air Ventilation™ solar fan helps to reduce this heat buildup which may cause your home to become uncomfortable.  During the winter the warm moist air meets cold roofing causing condensation.  A Smart Air Ventilation™ solar fan helps to reduce moisture and condensation which can lead to mold, mildew, and wood rot.  By keeping your attic cool and dry, your heating/cooling system will not have to work as hard; therefore saving money on your energy bills and making your home much more comfortable!

Do you want to keep your attic cool in the summer and dry in the winter?

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Fans for your Attic, Gable and Crawlspace

We have many different types of fans to ensure we have something just right for your home or business! We can work with almost any roof configuration to help you get the benefit of a well ventilated, cool and moisture free attic. Crawlspaces often need special considerations. In addition to reducing moisture, condensation, and wood rot, which is likely in a crawlspace because of the dark damp conditions, a crawlspace fan will also help reduce radon gas, standing water, and can help eliminate that “musty” smell.

Prolongs the life of your roof!

Up to 28+ gallons of water can be absorbed in your attic during the winter months from moisture rising from inside your home. Daily household tasks like laundry, cooking, and showers can create moisture that will rise up into your attic. If you get too much moisture in your attic, you could run into mold, mildew, and wood rot. With a Smart Air Ventilation™ solar fan, you can add up to an additional 10% to the life of your roof, keeping thousands of dollars in your pocket.

Works in every climate!

Even in the Pacific Northwest and places that don’t see a lot of sun, the UV rays from the sun are still there. The Smart Air Ventilation™ solar fan runs completely off of solar energy, so it will not add any additional cost to your Energy bill. These fans operate from sun-up to sun-down working to keep your attic cool and moisture free.  Works in dry climates or humid climates to prolong the life of your roof and air conditioning unit.

Saves money!

With a cool, dry attic your heating/cooling system will not have to work as hard to keep your house cool in the summer and dry in the winter.  In the summer months our customers have reported attic temperatures dropping from 165 degrees to a manageable 105 degrees. This temperature drop limits how often the AC needs to kick in saving you substantially on your energy bill. These fans are indispensable and pay themselves off in no time.

Need a copy of the warranty?

Click the download image to obtain a copy of the warranty for your Smart Air Ventilation™ Solar Attic Fan and keep it for your records.

Need the Statement of Certification?

Click the download image to obtain a copy of the Statement of Certification for the Smart Air Ventilation™ Solar Attic Fans in .PDF format.  Feel free to keep a copy for your records as proof when filing for applicable tax credits.