Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ expands lines of service


 Founded in 2008 Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ is growing.  The company is hiring new employees, expanding into new states and adding services.  The company aims to provide homeowners with durable products and quality services in the areas of home improvement, home maintenance (NEW) , and energy efficiency.  Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ seeks to increase comfort while at the same time reducing the amount of energy consumed and money spent by customers on their energy bills.


Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ initially focused their services on installation of insulation, radiant barriers, solar fans for attic and crawl spaces and skylight tubes.  Over time it SETI Logo 150 Pixel Testbecame clear from the results of the free in-home analyses performed at each customer’s home that there was significant demand for other services and products related to solar energy and home maintenance.  Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ is proud to announce that it can now perform these new services and complete the home improvement package for its customers.


New Services – Solar Power Systems (PV)


20140430_153356Many homeowners want to participate in the solar revolution that is quickly gathering momentum in the U.S.  Smart Energy Today Inc.™ now features and installs a patented award-winning solar system that has 85% fewer parts than traditional solar power systems, which means it is gentler on your roof as well as aesthetically pleasing.   Whether you choose to install one panel or ten of the cutting-edge “Plug & Play” system, they can be mounted, installed, and made operational in just one day.


New Services – The Roof


20140611_100741Roof and Gutter Cleaning, Modification, Replacement and Treatment:  Now while we are up on your roof installing solar fans, solar panels, and skylights we can make your roof and gutters look good too!  Depending on your climate you may have a significant amount of moss growing on your roof.  Your gutters may be collecting debris from nearby trees and foliage.  The whole roof might need to be replaced or an area may need to be patched.  Maybe you have a gutter system that is still in good physical condition but isn’t performing as well as it should.  Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ will provide solutions in all of these scenarios.


New Services – Caulking and Sealing


20140419_093422Keeping cold air out of the home in the winter and hot air out in the summer increases comfort and saves on heating and cooling costs.  Adding insulation, radiant barriers, proper ventilation along with thorough caulking and sealing will significantly impact the energy efficiency of the home.  Individually these products all provide significant benefits to your home, but as a whole they work together and insure maximum efficiency.  Professional caulking and sealing around your home with Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ insures that quality products will be used and applied properly.  We will ensure that the correct compatibility of chemicals within the sealant and of the substrate provide a long-lasting seal.



Footer-BBBSmart Energy Today, Inc.™ is located in Olympia and serves all of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California and Pennsylvania.  The company specializes in home improvements, energy efficiency and home maintenance services.   Providing products that are durable and maintenance-free, saving you money and making your home or business warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ is proud of its superior products and service and always strives for positive reviews.