Plug & PlayLooking to expand its line of solar and energy-saving products, Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ (SET) director of field operations Pat Maguire recently visited solar manufacturer Andalay Solar in San Jose, California.  Maguire toured their facility, reviewed their UL approved AC solar power systems and received hands-on training on installation of their products.  Recently the company expanded operations into California and has already opened it’s second warehouse there.  Solar makes sense in California!


Andalay Solar’s patented “Plug-and-Play” AC solar power systems is a world first in its design and technology, and like its website states, “eliminates the need for separate rack systems and automates panel-to-panel grounding and electrical connections”.  Following his training, Maguire noted that “installing the panels is made much easier with the Andalay Instant Connect technology”.  This is an exciting new product for installers and companies like Smart Energy Today, Inc.™.


20140430_153356Maguire was also impressed with the size of the Andalay Solar facility and had no complaints.  He said, “The Andalay training facility is huge and has a ton of space.  They even have a four hundred square foot roof that you can step right onto for training purposes”.  SET has replicated this idea in their own warehouse for training purposes.


The Andalay facility’s location in California places it in the second sunniest state in the U.S. according to the National Weather Service.  According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), 2013 was another record year for the U.S. solar industry.  The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which is a 30 percent tax credit, is helping get solar energy systems into residential and commercial properties. The SEIA website states, “The existence of the ITC through 2016 provides market certainty for companies to develop long-term investments that drive competition and technological innovation, which in turn, lowers costs for consumers”.
After reviewing the Andalay Solar manufacturing facility Maguire is excited about adding a “Plug-and-Play” product like this to SET’s existing line of solar and energy-saving products.  He agrees with the Andalay Solar’s promise that the “Plug-and-Play” solar panels will help customers “not only decrease dependency on fossil-fueled energy sources, but will dramatically reduce – in some cases even eliminate – [their] home energy bill,” – a core value of SET.

Learn more about photovoltaic solar systems by visiting the SET frequently asked questions page here.

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