Sol-Blanket Insulation™ is reflective insulation which includes a radiant barrier


SET_Featured-ProductEvery home uses energy a little and sometimes a lot differently.  Several factors play a part in that.  Such as what climate do you live in, how is the home constructed, how much insulation does the home currently have, and what are the behaviors of it’s occupants.  A radiant barrier which is part of a reflective insulation is one part of a complete attic system.  Sol-Blanket Insulation™, a feature product of Smart Energy Today, Inc.™, is a three in one reflective insulation product that complements traditional insulation by boosting the thermal efficiency.  It helps prevent conductive and convective heat transfer through an attic or crawlspace in addition to the radiant heat benefits.


Smart Energy Today Inc.™ sells all forms of insulation.  Sol-Blanket Insulation™ is one of many products from and works in nearly all climates, seasons, and weather conditions.  The product as part of a whole attic system is intended to keep homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


What is Sol-Blanket Insulation™ or reflective insulation?


Sol-Blanket Insulation™ is a double sided radiant barrier, insulation and a protective barrier all in one.  It has five layers.  With closed-cell polyethylene foam at the center.  The topside and bottom side both have aluminum foil with polyethylene backing.


SOL-Shield-Plus_3The foil acts as the radiant barrier, the closed-cell polyethylene foam acts as an insulator and the polyethylene backing simply attaches closed-cell polyethylene foam to the foil.  The  closed-cell polyethylene foam at the center also acts as a protective barrier.  The foil acts as a air barrier, but is perforated which allows a tiny amount of moisture that may build up around the core to pass through which helps keep attic and crawlspace insulation dry by preventing the buildup of condensation.

Benefits Sol-Blanket Insulation™


Sol-Blanket Insulation™ as part of an attic system stops the transfer of heat in and out of the home.  The product is long lasting and is guaranteed for the life of a home or building.  In a properly sealed home it means the heating and air conditioning equipment run less.  Most importantly, it reduces consumption, lowering energy bills and increasing comfort.


Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ performs an in home energy analysis for all its prospective customers so that it can recommend the right solution or solutions for a home based on it’s energy needs.  The company utilizes a group buying model to bring Lexus quality products and services to it’s customers at a Toyota price.


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