Sol-Coating™ is a high-quality insulating latex paint.  It is an interior paint that can be applied to the ceiling, walls, and trim to provide additional insulation as well as sound-proofing.  If your home has little to no attic space, where traditional insulation can be used and maintained, Sol-Coating™ can be a great alternative.  This product contains Ceramic Microspheres in the formula which adds insulation.  The spheres will not grind into the paint, they build up and form layers.  These layers dissipate the heat and help block the heat from transferring through the coating. 


Benefits of the Sol-Coating™:

  • Provides additional Insulation
  • Incredibly durable (high resistance to scratches, staining, and scrubbing)
  • Water Resistant
  • Can Provide a level of soundproofing
  • Can be applied to virtually any kind of surface material (plaster, wood, concrete, brick, masonry, metal, and wallpaper)
  • Complete weatherproofing (resistance to wind, rain, salt, and water)
  • Resistance to UV degradation
  • Low-maintenance and easy to repair

Sol-Coating™ is a great economical way to provide your home with an additional level of protection.  Less material is needed, and therefore less money is spent installing and maintaining.  If you have interest in this product, contact Smart Energy Today, Inc.™!  We can help recommend the right treatment, and help install it in your home.