People have been harnessing and using Solar Energy in some way for hundreds of years.  The technology has advanced considerably in more recent years due to the need to go green, protect our planet, and use cleaner, renewable energy sources.  It has also gained incredible popularity on the private market for peoples homes and office buildings because of its sustainability, renewability, and the cost it cuts on energy bills.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is the radiant energy given off by the sun.  That energy is both heat and light, and accounts for the majority of the renewable energy available to us today (wind and wave power also being renewable energy sources).  Our planet is hit by about 174 petawatts of solar radiation at the upper atmosphere (that’s 174 million gigawatts, or about 174,000,000,000,000,000 watts), that’s a lot of energy!  About 25% of that energy is reflected back up by clouds and the surface of our planet, and another 25% is absorbed by water vapor and clouds.  The remaining 50% makes it to the ground and gets absorbed into the planet.  It’s this 50% that we can harness and use to power our planet and our homes.

Technology has allowed us to capture this energy and use it, and because the sun is always giving off energy, we have an unlimited amount available to us.  Solar Panels are used to capture the energy from the Sun rays.  The electrical current is then transferred to a charge controller, which can then convert it to either AC power or DC power.  The solar panels are made of a silicon-based crystal material that, when hit with light, produce an electric current.   We can then use that electric current to power whatever we need.

Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ offers a solution that makes getting involved in the solar movement easy.  A Photovoltaic (PV) Solar System called “Instant Connect ™”.  The pv solar system makes getting involved in solar possible at a much lower entry price than before.  This is possible because the system uses 80% fewer parts than traditional pv solar systems on the market.  The Instant Connect ™ PV Solar System is made in America and can be installed quickly.


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