shutterstock_185254388It’s almost summer time and already we have had some hot days!  There are many ways to things to consider when looking for ways to save energy and create a more comfortable home.  This article discusses ceiling fans.


Most ceiling fans have a great feature.  They can be adjusted to turn clockwise and counter-clockwise.  Why does this matter?  Stand directly under a ceiling fan and you will find your answer.  When the fan is set to turn counter-clockwise direction you should feel a cool breeze.  The airflow produced while the fan is moving in this direction creates a wind-chill effect, making you “feel” cooler.


Conversely in the winter, setting the fan to rotate in a clockwise direction.  Make sure the fan is set to run a low speed in the clockwise direction.  Heat rises – we all know this.  With the fan turning in the clockwise direction a gentle updraft will be produced, which forces the warm air near the ceiling down into the space below.


In the summer warm air passes through traditional insulation into your home

In the summer warm air passes through traditional insulation into your home

Warm/hot air and cool/cold air passes through insulation and depending on the R-value the rate varies.  Because a fan is so close to a ceiling and attic insulation traditionally sits on top of ceiling the direction air is flowing will assist in keeping the warm air out of the house and cool air in the house.  Depending on the time of year the opposite may be true.


To get save money and increase comfort making sure that the home is sealed properly is also important.  Depending on the types of doors or windows in the home, amount of wall insulation, use of exhaust fans in the bathrooms, fireplace dampers, etc…the ceiling fan may just assist in pulling more hot air into the home.


shutterstock_149976527Additionally, to get maximum efficiency and comfort make sure that fan blades don’t wobble.  If there is a wobble this may be able to be fixed in two ways.  First, make sure all connections are aligned and tightly fastened.  Two, you may simply be able to “gently” bend a misaligned blade holder back into proper place.  If neither of these two things work then a balancing kit may be used to diagnose the wobble.  The kits are often provided within the product packaging in the form of balancing clips and blade weights.  If not then contact the manufacturer and they may send free of charge.


Do you have any tips to get the most comfort and value from your ceiling fan this summer?  Do you recommend a particular brand or style?  Give us your tips in the comments section below.

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