Yup, you read that correctly. The planet invested nearly $300 Billion dollars into renewable energy last year alone. It’s $286 Billion to be exact. So, where did we sow all that capital. Let’s take a look.

The Frankfurt School and the U.N. Environment Program’s annual report, released last Thursday says:

“An important milestone was crossed last year: renewable energy capacity investments were focused more on the developing world, particularly China, than in industrialized nations. In China, for example, renewable energy investment increased by 17 percent to $103 billion, the report found, which constitutes 36 percent of the world total. By contrast, industrialized nations’ investments in renewables during 2015 was down by 8 percent. Renewable energy investment in India was up by 22 percent to $10.2 billion.”

Andrew Freedman at Mashable reports, “The developing country trends are especially significant because countries like China and India represent the future of greenhouse gas emissions, as they expand electricity access. The energy decisions these countries make will have a huge influence on whether the world meets or blows past its global warming target of limiting warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius, or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, above preindustrial levels by the year 2100.”

Furthermore: According to the report, investments in coal and natural gas-fired power amounted to less than half as much energy capacity investment as renewables did during 2015.

The record total of $286 billion invested in renewables worldwide last year brought the 12-year total to $2.3 trillion, according to the report. The total investments in renewables, which includes early stage technology investments and research as well as new capacity, amounted to $286 billion in 2015, which exceeded the previous record set in 2011.

The world is waking up to the power of renewable resources. Scientists and analysts agree that SOLAR is by far the most important of all the renewable sources, though wind and hydro make up a good percentage of commercial solar power investment. For the residential sector, PV SOLAR is by far the dominant solution. If you own a home, it’s got a roof, and with PV SOLAR we can turn it into a mini-powerplant. Join the SOLAR revolution and #putapanelonit