One Category of Insulation:  Loose-fill and blown-in


Insulation Category:  Blown In

Insulation Category: Blown In

This is part two in a  series of articles discussing categories and types of insulation.  Click here to read part one.  As mentioned in the last article, Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ sells all kinds of insulation and features a reflective insulation system called Sol-Blanket Insulation™.  The reflective insulation laid over existing insulation works as a blanket.  Every home is constructed differently and climates vary depending on what part of the country you live in.  Existing insulation and it’s r-value is also a consistent variable.  Depending on those and other variables each home has different needs and the type of insulation needed can vary.  This article discusses Loose-fill and blown-in Insulation


What is Loose-fill and blown-in insulation made of?


Loose-fill and blow-in insulation are made of cellulose, fiberglass and Mineral (rock or slag) wool.  Loose-fill fiberglass insulation is number four on the list of top 4 energy saving technologies by the US Department of Energy.


Where are these types of Insulation applicable?


These types of insulation can be installed in enclosed and existing walls or open and new wall cavities.  They can also go on attic floors and other hard to reach places.


Insulation Installation Methods


shutterstock_194942603The great thing about these kinds of insulation is the installation.  It can simply be blown into place using special equipment.  Sometimes it can be poured in.  Sol-Blanket Insulation™ is frequently laid right over the blown in insulation enclosing the insulative material and significantly limiting human ingestion which can be dangerous and is common with this type of insulation.  The blanket also is not conducive to pets and rodents that may want to create a home in the loose-fill insulation.


Another advantage of loose-fill and blown-in insulation is that it works well when insulation is needed in existing finished areas, irregularly shaped areas, and around obstructions.  Do you have an irregularly shaped area that you are curious to know if insulation makes sense?  If you are in the market for loose-fill or blown-in insulation or any other type of insulation call Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ at (888) 405-8689 for your free in home energy analysis to determine which product or products may be right for your home.    Share a description of your space in the comment section below.


The Company


Reducing consumption, lowering costs and improving comfort is a top priority for Smart Energy Today, Inc.™.  With a variety of products and services the company serves hundreds of customers every month and features a proprietary reflective insulation called Sol-Blanket Insulation™.  The company is a member of the Electric and Gas Association, Oregon Energy Trust and is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.  Click here to learn more about the company.