One Category of Insulation:  Reflective Insulation


Radiant Barriers are inspired by NASA technology

Radiant Barriers are inspired by NASA technology

This is part three in a  series of articles discussing categories and types of insulation.  Click here to read part one.  Click here to read part two.  There are a variety of types and categories of insulation.  Reflective Insulation is one type of insulation Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ sells and installs.  The reflective insulation sold by Smart Energy Today, Inc is called Sol-Blanket Insulation™.  This type of insulation uses a radiant barrier on the top and bottom side of an insulative material.  With that said, the company does sell and install all types of insulation.  Reflective insulation uses a radiant barrier technology that originates from NASA to protect both equipment and astronauts from the extreme hot and cold temperatures of space .

What is Reflective Insulation made of?


Sol-Blanket Insulation™ or reflective insulation uses a foil-faced kraft paper, plastic film, polyethylene bubbles, or cardboard.  The foil acts as a radiant barrier and the other materials act as an insulator.


BEFORE - Imagine the particles falling off this insulation

BEFORE – Imagine the particles falling off this insulation

Where is this type of Insulation applicable?


This type of insulation can be installed in unfinished walls, ceilings, and floors.  In the attic it can be laid over existing insulation or attached to the rafters depending on the climate you live in.  Every home is different and the location of the radiant barrier will be customized to the needs of each home.  Because the reflective insulation has tiny perforations a minute amount of moisture is allowed to pass through preventing condensation and moisture build up in insulation.  This great especially if you live in a northern climate.  The reason is because northern climates tend to have more moisture and mold and mildew can be a significant issue.


Insulation Installation Methods


Sol-Blanket Insulation™ or reflective insulation  is suitable for framing at standard space.  The bubble form of reflective insulation is suitable for irregular areas or if obstructions are present.  This type of insulation is most

Sol-Blanket Insulation™ in Crawlspace

AFTER – Sol-Blanket Insulation™ in Crawlspace

effective at preventing downward heat flow, but the effectiveness depends on spacing.

The Company


Footer-BBBA home improvement company, Smart Energy Today, Inc.™ seeks to reduce consumption, lowering costs and improving comfort for all its customers..  With a variety of products and services the company serves hundreds of customers every month and features a proprietary reflective insulation that includes a radiant barrier called Sol-Blanket Insulation™.  The company is a member of the Master Builders and is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.