America is waking up to the power of PV solar.  Growth trends show a massive boom since the last quarter of 2013 with Q1 of 2015 being the largest first quarter of growth in history.  The benefits of PV solar reach far beyond it’s money saving potential.  Climate change experts agree that if we continue polluting the atmosphere at our current rate then North America will experience a devastating 100 year drought that could be unrecoverable.  Experts at NASA agree that we are in for a drying and heating trend for the next several decades but we can mitigate the devastation by reducing our carbon burden quickly. You can read more about the dire prediction on CNN’s website here.

At Smart Energy Today Inc.® we are absolutely passionate about reducing the use and dependency of residential electricity.  Studies show that electricity production from coil and oil power plants is one of the BIGGEST contributors to Co2 into the atmosphere.  By reducing the demand on these production facilities we could potential slowly take these massive polluting plants offline in favor of wind, hydro and solar power production facilities.  It all starts at home.  It is ALL of our responsibility to change this trend.  Solar energy is the future and it looks good.

The numbers of residential PV solar installs is looking good, but it needs to keep growing.  We would love to help convert your home to solar power and install many of our energy saving products into your home.  You will get the benefit of a more comfortable home from our our Sol-blanket insulation and by bringing you home up to the appropriate R-value your home will retain it’s temperature for far longer than it ever has before.  By slowing the temperature loss rate of your home we will reduce the amount of energy required to heat/cool your home.  This upgrade coupled with solar power can bring you close to NET ZERO energy usage for your home.  Nearing net zero will lower your bill drastically and decrease the demand for energy from your municipal power grid.

Join us in the clean energy revolution.