The worlds largest power plant just turned on it’s power. Construction on the plant began just 2 years ago in 2013. The Solar Star PV power plant is now operational and boasts 580 MW of electricity generation capability.  580 MW is enough to power around 255,000 homes.  The new plant is located in Antelope Valley, CA and is owned by BHE Renewables and was developed by SunPower.
Cory Honeyman, senior solar analyst at GTM Research, weighs in: “Solar Star’s completion is a milestone for the U.S. and global solar markets. It provides yet another proof of concept that mega-scale solar farms can be achieved ahead of schedule.”

Combined with large scale power plants like this, the residential solar power sector can really take the burden off our overly taxed energy grid.  Smart Energy Today is proud to be among several companies making a difference by reducing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and introducing clean power to the grid.

A large scale plant like this is an incredible reminder of the POWER of PV SOLAR and what it can do for our environment and our economy.

Solar Economic Benefits

  • Approximately 650 solar construction jobs over a three-year construction period
  • More than $500 million in regional economic impact
  • Increased local business activity and public revenue
  • Up to 40 Solar Operations and Maintenance jobs, including 15 full-time site positions

Solar Environmental Benefits

  • High-efficiency solar panels and SunPower™ Oasis™ Power Plant technology reduce land use
  • BHE Solar cites an avoidance of more than 570,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year—the equivalent of removing over 2 million cars from the road over 20 years
  • Generation of clean electricity to power the equivalent of approximately 255,000 homes