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Had dinner on SMT at the RAM. Good thing I’m not reviewing the RAM, they need a new cook.
We have gone to this kind of presentation before and they follow a predictable pattern. You sit an watch a video, more than once, while everyone else saunters in. We were served strawberry lemonade in abundance and then John started his presentation. John was straightforward, told me lots of stuff I already know, gave some more info on what I didn’t, asked for our questions while he was presenting, didn’t take himself too seriously, was funny, and REMEMBERED the names of all 20+ people in the room. We made an appointment for the next day. John arrived EARLY. He took all the measurements he needed and gave us a guaranteed estimate for the next six months and then offered us a discount if we signed up that evening. Once again, this is all standard practice for innumerable presentations I have been to. Nothing surprising except the price which did not seem out of line. We set an appointment for the following Saturday, early.
8:30 rolled around, the phone rang, and Bo from SMT asked if it would be O.K. if they came by EARLY. How many contractors have you hired who want to start EARLY? “Sure come on by” which they did and their buddies with the second truck were right behind. The entire crew was there within the next ten minutes and started right at 9:00. There were six to eight men who worked continually till 1:30 when they finished cleaning up. In that time they blew in insulation to bring our attic to R49, applied the solar blanket, put in a solar powered attic fan, and cleaned up.
They were quick and professional in every aspect. What we didn’t see or hear. There was no foul language, no smoking, no unruly banter or horseplay, no complaining about the work being too hard, in other words these young men handled and presented themselves very well. Our thanks to Jordan (team leader), Bo, Sebastion, Eric, John, and others who represented yourselves and your company very well. We would hire these guy back in a heartbeat.



I received an invitation to a free meal at a well known Everett Restaurant as long as I listened to their sales pitch. Honestly, I had no intentions of really giving in. But, I did have a certain amount of interest in the products they were selling so I felt there was no harm.
I was pleasantly surprised to find out there was absolutely NO pressure to buy anything. They simply demonstrated their product and the facts spoke for themselves. The representative was polite, informative and not the least bit pushy. Not to mention, the food was great and REAL restaurant portions, not something slimmed down for budget reasons.
The install was scheduled for the following Sunday to meet our person schedules. They even tried to come the day before, but we couldn’t arrange time because of work schedules.
The installers were prompt, professional in appearance, informative, and great to work with. They were proud to show off their work when they were done, cleaned up after themselves, and answer any of my questions. In fact, they informed me of a problem with my roof that dealt with a poor installation during the building phase several years ago that I needed to be aware of.
Overall, I would highly recommend Smart Energy Today Inc. to anyone else that wants to save some money on their heating and cooling needs. With our two story home in the summer, the heat upstairs was unbearable and the new insulation along with the solar powered exhaust fan have kept it at a much more comfortable setting. I can only imagine the overall savings we’ll gain during our winter months.
Smart Energy Today met my needs…no, I would go so far as to say they surpassed them and did it smartly!